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            Like-New PET Bottling Machinery - MFG 2016

            This equipment constituted the bulk of a complete rotary triblock based filling system. This production line is capable of operating at approximately 200 cpm. The King Triblock System utilizes neck handling change parts. Rinsing filling and capping occur in one compact, enclosed system.

            New CVC Model 300 Wraparound Pressure Sensitive Labeler
            Excellent quality and affordable new labelers from CVC. Many other models for various products are available
            New CVC Model 3036-4H 4-Head Volumetric Piston Filler
            Excellent quality and affordable new piston fillers from CVC. Larger models available
            New Tinsley Design Belt Coaters For Chocolates
            Belt widths of 24”, 48”, 60” and 74” for production outputs of 200-800 lbs./hr. depending on product density and ratio to chocolate
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            About Us

            About Us

            Worldwide Supplier of
            New, Used and Reconditioned
            Processing and Packaging Machinery
            106?Years in Business – Four Generations

            Union Standard Equipment and Union Confectionery Machinery have New, Used & Reconditioned processing, packaging and laboratory equipment.


            We serve the confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, bakery,
            chemical, packaging and allied industries. With more than 25,000 machines, we have the world’s largest inventory, priced for quick shipment.

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            I am really amazed about the services rendered to us for the procurement of BCH Extruder and also the trials arranged at Chicago.
            Executive Vice President
            Naturo Food and Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd.
            Bangalore Dist., India
            Thank you so much for helping me sell the Savage chocolate melter. I have been amazed at the speed of this process. It has been a pleasure working with a company that is so friendly, precise and helpful. I have enjoyed this process tremendously. I hope I will have a chance to do business with you in the future.
            Katherine Crow
            Janie's Bakehouse/Janie's Cakes
            st wanted to let you know, your guys really do great work, the re-built enrober is a model to our maintenance department.
            Stan Walulek
            Vice President
            Michel's Bakery, Inc.